About Us

Create > Collaborate > Connect

The Specialists Agency is a music, marketing and event agency with a specialty in DJ, Music and Brand activations. Our mission is to create, collaborate and connect. We have a proven track record in the Music, DJ and Entertainment industry. We partner with select clients to help connect them to their target audience and maximize their brand value through authentic events and collaborations.

As the shape and dynamics of technology, entertainment and DJ culture continue to evolve, immense opportunities await agile players who cultivate the fertile in-between spaces where new ideas, platforms and business models are intersecting. The Specialists Agency thrives at the growing edge of this emerging entertainment environment. We utilize our experience, resources and network to help DJ equipment, software and accessory brands adapt, compete and thrive in the current marketplace.

Engage with The Specialists Agency to discover new opportunities and strategies for leveraging business, entertainment and technology to maximize the existing and future growth potential of your business and brand.

When you need it done right…call a Specialist.

Our Specialties Include:

  1. Sponsorship Activations
  2. DJ/Music Events and Tours
  3. Event Marketing and Production
  4. Original Content (Music, DJ, TV Shows, Documentaries)